Product Development

Product Development EIM Medical has over forty years of combined experience in the design, help engineering and development of medical devices and surgical instruments. Experience in: Heart Pacing Electrodes. Defibrillation electrodes Various Implantables. Brain electrodes. Implantable stimulators. Implantable electrodes. Percutaneous leads and electrodes. Transcutaneous energy...

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Prototype & Manufacture

Prototype A prototype brings an idea to life : a tangible process of proof to product. A developed prototype helps to work out the details of the design. Identifying design flaws and weaknesses is much easier when you can test the actual device. Prototypes help to ensure that the design will work the way you intended. Having a virtual or physical prototype helps to identify key details...

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Commercial and Testing Activity

Commercial and Testing Activity Business development. Institution liaison. Identifying commercial opportunities for intellectual property/new product. Patent preparation. Medical device development: process and testing via the NAMSA™ organisation: Materials Characterisation & Analytical Services. Functional Testing. Biocompatibility (in vivo & in vitro toxicology). Clinical...

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Calmont Wire & Cable Inc

Read More About Insulations, Conductors and Capabilities Design with Innovation The extensive capabilities and the variety of materials used that are basis for innovative design. Calmont flexibility makes them particularly well suited to work with start-up companies and design and manufacture new products and prototypes. The breadth of offerings also makes Calmont qualified to work with...

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NAMSA™ can assist you with Research & Development Product Process Chemical characterization of materials – Materials characterization testing establishes a baseline fingerprint of a material so the results of biological testing can be firmly linked to a specific formulation. Function and performance studies – NAMSA™ customise specific methods and models to evaluate the in...

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Vertellus® Biomaterials is a business unit of Vertellus Specialties UK Ltd, which is part of the Health and Specialty Products Division of Vertellus Specialties Inc. The aim of the work with partners is to supply biocompatible materials to improve the clinical performance of medical devices, thereby improving the patient’s quality of life. While the main focus area for Vertellus...

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